Iraq and the Arab Awakening: Final Presentation

Alright, after much ado, I transferred what was originally a Prezi presentation into a Powerpoint for formatting reasons, in order to post it to this blog. Technology, what can you do. The original Prezi version can be easily accessed here:, and then type this into search: “iraq and the arab spring.”

In our presentation, the Iraq group answered our main research question: Is there an Arab Spring in Iraq? Has the US Occupation of Iraq helped or hindered the Arab Spring in Iraq and the region? We supported our claims by drawing connections between the recent history of internal sectarian divisions in Iraq, regional relationships between Iraq and other MENA countries, and how US policy toward Iraq has contributed to or complicated Iraq’s role in the Arab Spring.


GeopoliticsMENA_Iraq_Final Presentation


Sunnis and Shiites Head Toward a Showdown in Iraq

There has been plenty of talk about the re-emergence of sectarian violence in Iraq post-US withdrawal. What’s been left out of that dialogue is the shape that violence will take, whether that is unknown or ignored, and this article speculates on exactly that.

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Radical Groups Drive Internal Displacement

This article furthers the discussion that, in some ways, Iraq appears to be experiencing something similar to the Arab Awakening in other countries–but that, because it has largely not involved the civilian population and because this has been happening for decades if not centuries, the power struggle between insurgents, militias, the government, currently the US troops, etc., is a historical pattern rather than a new or surprising revolution in Iraq. (This research was completed over a four-week span by Iraqi researchers.)

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Internal Relationships in Iraq: state-of-the-research update

The past couple weeks of my research have been an interesting journey. As I continue to focus on internal Iraqi sectarian relationships, I have noticed several patterns emerge about the nature of the research that has been performed in the field. So far, I have been sticking to Academic Search Premier, Google Scholar, and other such academic search engines for scholarly articles, while looking to Al Jazeera, BBC, NPR and other news outlets when they are helpful.

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